ProductsCustomer-centric, people-oriented business philosophy
Product CenterCommitted to make Diken Heavy Industries become a leader in the field of domestic cross-country forklift
Diken's three major advantagesTo create a top brand in field of domestic cross-country forklift
15 years experience in off - road forklift production

15 years off-road forklift production experience Focus on cross-country forklift R & D and production and sales, industry-leading brand

Mature and perfect after-sales service system

Free of charge to provide professional cross-country forklift use of technical advice

Perfect after-sales service team; quickly help you solve the problem

7 * 24 hour professional hotline service

Strong distribution agency support policy

For the distribution of agents to give a huge profit margins, enjoy the company's low-cost and rebate policy.

Shandong Dicken Heavy Industry Co., Ltd

Shandong Diken Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprises involved in research and development, production and sales.

The company has more than 10 years experience in the development of forklift products, with a high-quality R & D and management marketing team, in the introduction of advanced European technology and design concepts at the same time, the development of 2.5 tons -7 tons of cross-country forklift. The product with excellent performance and high cost-effectiveness, has won the majority of customer recognition. No only selling.....

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